Thursday, October 6, 2011

SHS (1/9/11)


***Disclaimer!  This is my first week participating in Ashley Sisk's SHS.  I will be WAY more prepared next week... as um, not any of these pictures were techincally taken this week... whoops.  Anywho, it was fun scavenging through them :)  I have the list of "themes" for next week written down, so I will be all set with fresh new SHS pics! :)

                                                                          This is ME

                                                  There are so many areas I need to GROW in...

Plain & simple:  I treasure this pic. 


Bad things don't exist in Maeve's world.  Ahhhh innocence...


Dinos.  It doesn't get more primitive than that, right?   (excuse the necklaces & bracelets... Maeve enjoys lining them up and giving them makeovers :)


This is my moo cow creamer.  I love her.  :)

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