Saturday, October 8, 2011


Here are my interpretations for the week:

1. Motion
Self explanatory ;)  Maeve running with a stick- dangerous for sure, but in motion.

2. In Fashion
When I saw this category I laughed to myself, envisioning me trying to get dressed up into something fashionable.  Thank goodness my cutesy daughter can steal the show and I can stay in my sweat pants ;)

3. Waiting to Click
Oh-So-CRUEL... But yes, I have given my kids lemons just to see their faces...  It's a little bit sad- you give them the lemon, get your camera ready, they taste it- your finger is hovering on the shutter, and you wait to click until that twitching, lip curling moment.  :)

4. Animal's Perspective
We took the kids and Lola to the park today... Lola did alright... besides getting into a swamp.  She spent most of her time looking up at the kids from underneath the play structures...   I'd imagine this is what her view was? ;)

5. Many
I love this group of trees.  There are many of them right?

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