Who Is This Girl?

Who is this girl and what does she know about photography? Well... here ya go:

My name is Ashley, but I like it better when people call me Ash. I am a self taught, natural light photographer... meaning, I don't use flash. I purchased a Canon rebel about three years ago and with the advice of a friend, never moved the dial off of manual. This caused a bit of frustration, but in the end has proved to be a huge payoff. For now I know an SLR camera like the back of my hand. :)

In the beginning of my photography journey, my goal was to capture my kids. As things started clicking into place, a few friends asked if I'd take pictures of their kids. That's how "Ashley Rita Photography" (now known as  Sugar Snap Photography ) was created!

Two years ago I made a huge leap into photography; purchasing a "professional" camera (the 50d).  It was daunting... okay terrifying, to hold that thing in my hands.  Thankfully, I had learned the basics from my rebel and everything was transferable to the 50d.  Meaning, if you learn about your settings and how to manually adjust them, they'll apply to any camera you touch and your photography is only bound to improve.

Aside from taking countless photographs of children, pets, families, love birds and any other event you could possibly imagine (even birth!) I've also been the recipient of several online photography awards and badges.  I've also had two of my images selected and hung in a medical facility as part of a contest.

Throughout the past few years I've taken a few courses with personal photographers, mainly on post production.

I am also a proud member of the Help Portrait Project as well as an on call member of Flashes of Hope.  I'm also hoping and anticipating the acceptance into the Tiny Sparrow Foundation.

I use a Canon rebel for my every day/around the house/pictures of my kids kind of stuff.  I use a Canon 50d for my professional work.

My favorite lens is my 50mm/1.4; it's pretty much glued on, though I will switch it out every once in awhile for a wide angle lens, to get a more dramatic look.

So there ya go!  That's me as a photographer! :)  I look forward to working with you and helping you on your journey through photography!


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