Monday, October 31, 2011

SHS 10/30/11

1.  Tree

This was a last ditched effort.  It was getting late last night, I needed a pic of a tree so I looked up and snapped this giant oak that was over our heads.  I thought I'd give it a Halloweeny effect... I don't know... anyways, this is what I came up with.

2. Home.
I made this canvas art all by myself!  ha :)  I got the idea off of Pinterest... on Saturday morning I was able to snag a few minutes (alone) and work on it.  It hangs on the wall next to the door as soon as you enter our apartment.  Again, I wayyyyy over-edited the original pic, but I kind of like how it turned out.

3. Texture Found.
Our back patio/deck has AWESOME texture!!  I love taking pics of things on it.  :)   The heart has nothing to do with the texture prompt... I was listening to Taylor Swift and fetl inspired ;)

4.  Covered
my rough and tumble guy "covering" his face from the camera ;)  Mammarazzi... right here!

5.  Macro/close up
ewww... stinky macro shot.  I apologize.  :( 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

1st PLACE! :) YAYYY!

The Paper Mama

yay!  We got 1st place with The Paper Mama's photo challenge!!!  What a fab way to start our Saturday morning!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

photo challenge.


This is my buggy girl :)  I (heart) that face!!!!

Head on over to The Paper Mama for more great "face" entries!! :)

The Paper Mama

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Photo Challenge (& a win/recognition!)

I didn't get a "place" in Chelsey's photo challenge, but it did get picked as a favorite :)

The Paper Mama

(the little things)

And now for this week's challenge:  COLORFUL!!! :)

Sooooo... this happens to be one of my fave. pics.  Yup, the lollipop is blurry, but I think it makes the mood of the picture that much crazier and colorful.   :)
The Paper Mama

Head on over to The Paper Mama to link up to these funnnn photo challenges!!!

SHS (the DISNEY edition!)

All of these prompts were found in and around Disney... talk about a FUN scavenger HUNT!!! :)

1.  Fire
The sky was on fire.  It was definitely comparable to a Maui sunset.  BEAUTIFUL.

2.  Faces in Strange Places

Uhhh this one's a bit artsy...  but its a display window with these freaky masks... and ALSO you can look in the slivers of mirror and see myself (taking the pic) and my sister Emily, holding Stella.
3.  Abstract
Nothing like some oversized tinker tots, right??? :)

4.  Stars
This is the ceiling of a store... not that cool, but I totally forgot about "stars" until I got home to edit... luckily I had this pic and there are itty bitty stars in it ;)

5.  Round

Earl of Sandwhich.  DELISH.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Mini's!

-Sessions will last approx. 30 minutes at the designated location (in this case, the Fort on Avenida Menedez)
-the mini session includes up to 4 people (each additional person is $10)

-Mini Sessions are taking place on Saturday, November 5th and 12th from 3PM-6PM

- Spots are filling, book yours NOW by emailing me at

And be sure to check out my website!

Monday, October 10, 2011


1.  Landscape

the fort in St. Augustine.

2.  Triadic Color  (yup... had to look this one up and learn allllll about it!)

(I hope I did this right?)...I think I'm hitting red, yellow, green and a teeny hint of deep purple...?

3. Black and White
my 4 YEAR OLD birthday girl!!!!

4.  Food
a popsicle? :)

5.  Blank Space
I personally just <3 this one :)

Show & Tell.

With The Paper Heart Camera.



and tell:
My daughter Maeve, giving me her "silly" face.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


The Paper Mama

The Paper Mama chose my picture for the weekly challenge.  "Blessings" was the theme, and here is the link
to the picture I submitted :)

Along with being picked as top photo for the week, I get to be a part of the big monthly contest! :)  Go HERE to vote for my picture:)

So... just for good measure, because I am seriously on a PHOTOHIGH right now, check this out (again)!:
The Paper Mama

AHHHHH! :)  Thanks Paper Mama!

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snap happy

I popped on my favvvvve lens (50mm/1.8) and trekked outside. 

I have been meaning to take some "wintry" shots, but winter just isn't my thing.  I'd rather stay inside and watch the snow, than venture out in it. 

This (very) lazy Saturday afternoon, I was lying on the couch and I heard dripping. Looking out the window, I found that the snow was melting off our roof in turrets. And it was actually creating something really pretty as it hit the ground. The water was reflecting the sky, turning it this super pretty blue color... and well, I'm a sucker for water.

...and a few more randoms...


This is my pic for project 365 :) 

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Exciting Stuff!

Hi blog readers!

I entered these 5 pictures into a local contest... apparently I need to come up with subtitles for them.  I'd love any and all ideas!! :)  I know I have some creative thinkers out there!... (93 to be exact...;)

Picture #1:

Picture #2:

Picture #3

Picture #4

Picture #5

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Photo Challenge

The Paper Mama

I have finally fixed my CF reader :) yay!  I was getting nervous that I wouldn't be able to participate in Scavenger Hunt Sunday this week... no worries though, all is well :)

Chelsey, over at The Paper Mama  has a fun photo challenge going on... the theme is "red."  Now let me say that red is probably on the list of my least fave colors- especially when photographing people.  The second a kid puts a red shirt on, their entire face is a new shade of red... 

Maeve was given this adorable red coat from a friend of ours- it's red with little pink hearts all over it.  She absolutely adores it :)  It's her "heart" coat.  Anyways, she wore this coat pretty much 24/7 during the fall, and I did end up taking quite a few photos of her in it.   This particular photo came from Halloween day.  Halloween 2010, sticks out in my mind as one of the best days our family of four has had.   We spent the entire day as a our little family of 4, going to area Halloween festivities, cooking up Halloween treats and just enjoying the day together.  It was awesome :)  Maeve got her face painted like a butterfly... which I thinks goes GREAT with her lovely red coat... don't you agree? :)

Here's my entry to "red:"

Happy Saturday...:)
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Winner! & Photo Challenge

The Paper Mama

4th place :)

                                                                      and my entry for "Sweet"

The Paper Mama

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