Thursday, October 6, 2011

SHS (3/20/11)

1. Cell Phone


Truth be told, I have a really crappy phone... eek!  No cool iphone for me!  Almost every photo I take with my phone is noisy to the MAX... so I went back in my facebook album to find a "not so crappy" one... still not great quality, but eh, it will do for the week.

2.  Chair

The chair was my hardest prompt this week.  Such an ordinary piece of furniture, but I had a hard time making it look like anything "pretty."  This chair has been in my life since 7th grade or so?  It's weathered a lot of storms.  I like how the paint is peeling and chipping... but my favorite part about the chair is that our good Amish friends made it.  :)

3.  Camera

Ahhhh.... this picture was taken driving down A1A.  (and no I wasn't driving ;)  I love the sunny wash... ignore my hair frizz ;)

4.  Imperfection

I had a lot of ideas for this prompt.  I was going to take a photo of my super, DUPER messy house, post playdate.  Or take a photo of this broken seashell that I have... but I ended up just snapping this pic of my dog.  Because well, as cute as she is, she's the epitome of "imperfection".... duh ;)

5.  Shoes

I dig crocs, my kids dig crocs, the end.  :)  No really though, aren't they the cutest little shoes ever??  

Thanks for looking & I'd love any positive criticism! :)

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