Thursday, October 6, 2011

SHS (2/20/11)

1. Chocolate

yum.... we've been eating a lot of these babies lately :)

2.  Numbers

Kind of self explanatory... but its my three year old showing me that she is yes, indeed, "3 years old."  :)

3. Canned Food
This was the hardest prompt for me.  We are big canned food people, so it wasn't difficult in finding canned food to photograph, but it was difficult trying to make it look artsy.  In the end, everything I was trying wasn't coming out how I'd imagined in my head... so I ended up just using this photo of some cans... not happy with it at all.. blah.

4. Music

... one of my fave. pics ever taken.  This was not taken this week- it was shot over the summer.  The kids, hubby and I took a walk (kids were in the wagon) and we brought along the guitar.  It was originally supposed to be for Ryan to play while we had a picnic in our woods, but I ended up using it as a prop for some photos :)  Ryan has this as a huge print in his office :)

5. Stack
oooh my beautiful Japanese dishes :)  I love these plates- in fact, I love them so much that we NEVER use them (for fear of breaking them ;)...

This week for me, was one of those weird, off weeks with the camera.  I couldn't get any shot the way I pictured it in my head and I was lacking some major creativity... I'm blaming it on baby brain :)  Hoping next week I can get out of the rut ;)  Thanks so much for looking at my collection!!! :)
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