Thursday, October 6, 2011

SHS (2/6/11)

1.  Water

I have a ton of watery/beach shots, but I wanted to do something new... I love, love, love our shower head.  It's huge and it's got great water pressure :) 

(ummm this is my 2nd water shot ... a back up shot if you will ;)... I just had to include it :)

so true....

3. Window
This was taken while we were driving down the road... quite literally.. this was the view, from out my window.  And if you look closely (on the right hand side), there are 2 trees, that form a HEART!  How sweet is that?  And of course when I saw that Faith's theme this week is hearts I HAD to submit this!
4. Activity
 why, playing with trains of course :)... every 18 month old boy's fave activity :)
Photography love...
5. Page 25 of Magazine

This was out of a Good Housekeeping magazine (page 25 :)... just a SUPER close up!

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