Thursday, October 6, 2011

SHS (2/13/11)

Yay!  I love Sundays :)

This weeks prompts were really tricky... for me, anyway. 

As always, it was a fun week of expirimenting and trying out different things :)

1. Shadows

This is a picture of my Henry boy...  he was sitting, playing with a toy and the blinds were creating perfect shadows across his little body.  I thought it looked kind of neat :)

2. Patterns/Repitition
A lovely pattern of whales :)  I <3 whales :)

3. Bright White

I found a little fake flower on the floor, held it up to the window, and it looked kind of pretty :)  Voila... bright white?!  I hope so... ;)

4. Strong

I did not take this photo this week... it was taken on spring break last year- someone was sky writing over Disney World.  I think it sums up the word "strength" pretty well :)

5. Warmth
  This is my coziest blanket.  And yep, those are my toes sticking out of it. 

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