Saturday, October 8, 2011


Life has been nothing short of crazy-over the top- hectic!  I have missed out on SHS 3 weeks in a row now :(. 

These photos were taken in Florida (... so not technically taken this past week, rather the week before).  But I figure since I haven't used them in a SHS and they're new, they'll work, right?? ;)  I hope...

1. Lines

 Do you see the lines created by the sprinkler? ;)   I thought it was cool...

2. Fresh
My bug... getting blasted in the face with ice cold hose water- what could be fresher? 

3.  On the Floor

 A smashed ice cream sandwich... life with kids ;)

4.  Self Portrait

ehhh... I am not a fan of self portraits ;)  This was the best I could do ;)  29 weeks preggo!

5. Classic Still Life
This photo is definitely stretching it a bit!  Lanterns strung on the ceiling of an AWESOME taco shack...  They're non-living!  And relatively still!  Not so classic... but ahhh well :) 

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