Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Glitter Diaries... (and PHOTO CHALLENGE!)

The Paper Mama

I happen to be addicted to glitter.  I love glitter like a kid loves candy.  I am determined to get that "perrrrrrfect" glitter shot.  I've caught a couple that are nice, but nothing that really gets me yet.  The glitter diaries shall continue... :)

The Saint Augustine Dance Conservatory

The "M" Family

WHAT A FUN SHOOT...These girls (and their parents) are just beautiful... as was the incredible lighting and perfect "hair blowing" breeze :)  ...what a dream!

All of these girls need to be models!!!

Thank you for the awesome evening guys!!!

The Newman Family

One word to sum this family up:  FUN! 

I had the  BEST time!  The kids are hilarious and mom & dad were a blast too!  I can't wait to work with them again!!! :) 

Thank you Newmans!!!

My Ballerina Sisters.

My sisters and I set out on a quest to capture some photos, to give to my mom for Christmas.  My little (yes, little!) sisters are so incredibly beautiful and talented... We had so much fun running up and down Magnolia street, dodging cars, all in the name of a cool picture.

We printed them, put them in an album and gave it to my mom.  She cried.  It was great :).

Every day I learn something new about photography- in this "session" I learned that headlights can make for some fantastic, dramatic back lighting.  I'm kind of obsessed with exploring this a little more... now if I can convince my sisters to get back into tutus (or something...) and stand in front of cars again :)