Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mermaid Sessions/ St. Augustine, Florida

I am so excited to announce that we will now be offering MERMAID SESSIONS for all!    The tails and pictures were such a hit, we've decided to expand on the mermaid madness.  :)
St. Augustine, Florida is a magical, nautical haven... a perfect place for mermaids!  Now with the help of Applejack Apparel and Ashley Rita Photography, mermaids have come to life!
Here's how YOU can book your very own mermaid session to capture your child's state of wonder, innocence and imagination forever.
Sessions need to be booked at least 2 weeks in advance, for tail availability.




If you would like to book your mermaid session, please email
Thank you!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

St. Auggie Photo Contest

So.... way back when, I entered a contest up in Jackson- first place was some kind of monetary prize.  I didn't win it.  And honestly, it wasn't what I was after. 

I wanted my piece to be hung and displayed.  As any passionate artist knows, having your piece looked at, oooh'd and ahhhh'd over is worth so much more than money.

I did happen to place and my piece was chosen to hang in the Jackson County Health Department.  Go check it out sometime! ;)

Since moving back home (st. Augustine) I've been crazy busy with a billion different things.  Photography needs to start making a come back in my life down here.  I thought, what a better way than a St. Augustine contest?

So.... here's the pic:

This was taken shortly after we moved back (last June).  The sun was settting- it was that magical twilight hour that turns everything an orange sorbet color.  Maeve was skipping up and down the hill by the fort- the same hill I had spent countless hours rolling and running on at her age.  Full circle comes to mind when I see this photo.

Thank you beautiful St. Augustine for these moments and memories.

Monday, March 19, 2012

PM: Photo Challenge/ HAND

I snapped this while my Stellsy was sleeping... she had her hand curled up around her face.  So sweet! :)

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

my very first "I Heart Faces" challenge!

I LOVE participating in online photography communities (that's no secret ;)  But I this will be my first time with "I Heart Faces."  I think the sheer volume and size of their following has kind of freaked me out in the past.  However, the theme is black and white... and I just happen to lovvvvve black and white.  I figured now is as good a time as any to hop on the IHF bandwagon.  Won't you join too?

ahhhh!  How cute is she???  And of course, (of COURSE) I'm just loving the clean looking, negative space.

Remember to head on over toI Heart Faces for more entries, and to enter your own b&w! :) 

PS.  I have absolutely no clue how they will ever pick a winner because there are hundreds (HUNDREDS!) of stunning entries!  WOW! :)
Photo Challenge Submission

Monday, February 27, 2012

b/w Photo Challenge.

I LOVE B/W photos!  Picking just one for this challenge was hard!  :) 

This is my Stellabella Junebug and my hubby... on the beach. 

I love the negative space... the look on Stell's face and my husbands strong hands.

I'm still having issues with the PM photo challenge button working!  But click here for the sweet contest!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Photo Challenges (a NEW one:)

I found this sweet blog through Ashley Sisk... and I am so excited to be linking up to the challenge for the  first time evvvverrrr :)
So the prompt for this challenge was "Favorite."  It is literally impossible for me to pick a fave photo.  As the mother of these 3 amazing, beautiful kids, every photo I take is a "fave" to me :)  So instead, I took the prompt and turned it into one of our "favorite" things to do:  go to the beach:)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Love.... I Love It! :)

I am limited to taking just a small amount of people, due to the time crunch we're on!  But if you'd like a mini session, and you're available either Saturday (2/4) or Sunday (2/5), email me asap!

What can you expect at your mini session?

A "set" all themed towards Valentines Day.  You can choose from a variety of props and "costumes" (tutus, tiaras, pearls, lollipops, bowties, etc.) to get the look you'd like.

Come join the Valentines Day fun!!!  Email me for your spot!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Photo Challenge (PM)


This is a picture of my daughter... proudly wearing her red, sparkly Toms.  She was lying on a picnic table, lifting them up in the air, to watch them sparkle in the sun.  I wish I could've captured the sparkle better, but hopefully, you get the idea ;)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Free Session?! Maybe, Baby!

I have been wanting to do a "contest" for SO long now.  But with the move, the birth of Stella and a bazillion other things, it just hasn't been a good time.

But I'm hoping we're through the bulk of the stress... and we've gotten through the bulk of the stress with a LOT of help from friends and family.

So... I think its a great time to do a "thank-you" contest.  :) 

I am SOOOOO excited!  Here's how its going to work:

  1. Dig in your archives, or take a new photo of your child (or niece or nephew...) doing something that you're thankful for.  Are you thankful for their smiles?  For their laughter?  For the way they bound across the playground with confidence?  It can really be anything!  Just make sure a child is in it!  ;)  Once you've found that perrrrefect photo, send it to me, at:  In the email title, please include: PHOTO CONTEST.  Along with your picture, please send a "title"- like "Popsicle Smiles!"  Or whatever you want to name your photo for the contest ;)  In regards to the picture itself, there are a few rules:  1.) It cannot be a professionally taken photo.  2.)  the photo must include your child (or the child you're entering for the contest)
  2. I will accept all photo entries sent to me until Friday, January 27th.  Once I collect all the entries, I'll make a blog post, which will be "THE" contest blog post.  "THE" contest blog post will be the one you'll share with your friends on facebook, through email, etc. to get those votes in for your cutie.
  3. Here's the thing.  I live in Florida (duh).  BUT I will be up in Michigan for an entire week in June.  SO MICHIGAN residents, before you send in a photo, PLEASE BE SURE (in case you win ;) that you will be available for a photo session the week of June 17th.  If you are a Florida/St. Augustine/Jax. resident, the winner can book their session anytime BUT the week of June 17th ;) 
  4. Okay... so now that the deets are out of the way, what will you get if your photo gets the most votes, and indeed your babe places first??? 

-one, hour long session in the location of your choice
-an online gallery for friends and family to view your photo session
-a $25.00 print credit
(newborn, maternity,engagement sessions are NOT included in this contest.)

Doesn't this sound like a blast??

If you'd like to be part of the fun, send your photo in... NOW! :D

And last but not least, please, please, SHARE this link on your facebook wall!!! :D  Just click HERE, then copy and paste the link to your wall!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

TPM Photo Challenge: White



My sweet Stella.... watching in wonder at her brother and sister... in her {white} cap ;)


Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

I have missed you!  Having a baby, moving across the country and having a few major health issues (within the family) have certainly taken a toll on my participation levels!

I am happy to say I *THINK* I should be able to pick up the camera and participate again :)

Also- this photography page is owned/managed/written- (whatever you want to call it) by the same girl (ME!) who writes "Little {mrs} Sunshine."  For professional reasons, I decided to keep my personal blog private, and do all of my photography challenging, blogging, etc. on this blog.  Anyways, long story short, I lost a lot of "followers" in the privacy switch!  So I'd love it if you were to follow my photog blog!  Pleeease??? :)

1.  Stacked
why, its a stack of sand dollars!  :D  If you look at it from afar, it could also double as a stack of pancakes, I suppose.

2.  Sweet

okay... (duh) for the sweet prompt, I just had to use a picture of my sweet StellaBella June Bug delight! :D  (being held by my sweet husband...her sweet dadda)

3. Frozen
this is kind of stretching it a bit... but I saw this buggar on the beach... he "froze" (for a good few minutes!) while I took his picture.  Actually he was frozen until my daughter started poking him with her shovel...nice.

4.  Hole
We just got a package from a dear friend up in Michigan... she sent us these beautiful wooden owls!!!  I LOVE them!  They're bejeweled and everything!  And they have holes so I can hang them.  I think they're mean for Christmas ornaments... but I'm going to hang them in the window... :D

5. Winter Wonderland
This is a total winter fail.  But I'm looking at sunshine and palm trees out my window right now.  Soooo... I took a picture of this blue glittery box (that was also sent down from Michigan-thanks Angie!-) and overlayed it with a bunch of bokeh... I think it looks wintry, right?  Ehh... that's the best I can do! :)

Memories, Dreams & Reflections

    This is me.  Holding newborn Stella... watching the outskirts of Hurricane Irene.
I Love You
My beautiful kids.  I am so blessed.  I love you (Maemae). and you(H). and you(Stells).

Still Laughing...
(Henry and his Dutch boy hair cut...oh my.)

    Winter Wonderland - a picture that reflects Winter.
    I totally failed at this one.  I literally took NO pictures of snow or anything wintry this year... crazy!  This photo is a pic of sparkly red Toms that Maeve got for Christmas.. it was the most "wintry" thing I could come up with.  Bad... I know.
    Maeve had a great birthday this year.  A Disney princess makeover.  I think we're going to make this a 4 year old tradition (for the girls at least!)
    So we moved.  And Emily (my little sister) has become one of my best friends.  I love her.  And we do the most random things together. 

I Was Inspired...
As you can tell by this entire set, I have been very inspired by living at the beach.

Spring Fever
ahhhh this was taken back in Michigan!  I remember it feeling SO good outside- for the first time in months! :D
    Travel or Vacation
    This was taken on our trip down to Florida for Ryan's job interview... little did we know, where we were "vacationing" would soon be our new home.

Summer Days
This is pretty much how we spent our summer here in Florida. IN WATER!  :)
    A Day in My life
    We go to the park just about every day.  (Stella's strapped to me in the baby bjorn)
    All Smiles

So the thing about Florida, is that there aren't really changes in seasons.  Halloween felt like summer... there aren't changes in tree colors (well a teensy little bit- but not like up north)... and this was about the most "fallish" picture I could come up with.

Family or Home
This was pre-stella... so we're missing her in the picture... but this is our home now.  And this is (most) of my family:)

                                                                   Let's Do It Again..
Taylor Swift concert.  Yes.  Let's do it again Emily!

   I Miss You
My other sister, Meghan... she lives in MS... and I miss her.  All the time. :(

This was the most beautiful thing I saw in 2011.  The face of our new babe.

                                                                          Dress Up -
My mom, sis and Maeve... dressed up for the Alligator Farm!


                                                                         My Favorite
Thank you Emily for taking this picture.  It's my fave. from 2011.  This was me, seeing Stella for the first time.  There is no moment more beautiful or poingent. 
Don't Ever Change
If I could just figure out a way to keep Stella a baby forever.... ;)
           Just Because So THERE :)

Hopes and Dreams for 2012


Doing this little photo challenge (by Ashley Sisk)  I've realized that my most fave. photos were taken with my cell phone... not cool!  And that's because my point and shoot broke... so really, I only take pictures of my kids when its "planned."  All the spontaneous moments were captured by my yucky cell phone camera.  First thing on my list in 2012, is getting a point and shoot... and keeping it in my purse 24/7.  :D