Saturday, October 8, 2011


It has been FOREVERRRRR since I've participated in Scavenger Hunt Sunday!!!  I'm excited to actually have photos to share today! :)

1.  Seeing Double

EYEYEYEYEYE!!!!  Two Henrys!?!?  I'd lose my mind ;)

2.  Black &White
I'm not sure what these things are- some kind of plant sprouting off the palm trees around here.  I think they're so neat looking :)

3. Bare
I was going to take a pic of barefeet- my fave :)... but we passed this awesome vacant farm/home/barn thing... it looks pretty bare, huh? 

4. Headlights
ummm... so I fell super short on this one...  just appreciate the pretty sky, ok? :)
5.  Reflections in Glass
mirrors/glass... same difference, right?

 Man... I really struggled this week!  Hopefully next week I'll feel more creative!

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