Saturday, October 8, 2011


Okay- you blog readers rock.  The comments you left on  Friday night's post truly, truly, made my day!  There were so many nice, loving lones of encouragement. 

Another {thing} I wanted to address/answer, was in regards to my painting post.  Someone asked me if I had figured out how or why my photos are showing up 3 shades darker on my blog... I still have no idea :(.  I have tried uploading them to photobucket first, still no luck.  I think its something to do with blogger- because they upload on facebook just fine.  So if someone out there is reading this, and happens to know the secret for pretty, colorful, blog photos, let me know!

And now onto SHS...

1. Reflections
self explanatory... my little guy and his reflection on the shiny slide :)

2. Guess What This Is
We saw these at a farmers market- I've never heard of them before!

3.  What's Inside?
The big question for kids today... "what's inside that egg?" :)

I love swings... LOVE them :)

5. Lawn & Garden
okay so I wish I had a beautiful picture to post of our lawn and/or garden.  The thing is, we're terrible at maintaining anything outside like that... this tree is about the only living thing in the yard (besides some grass ;)...

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