Thursday, October 6, 2011

SHS (1/30/11)

Yay for the brilliant eye & mind of Ashley Sisk!  I have WAY too much fun during the week, with these little "assignments."  I have to say- this week posed a challenge- one of the categories was "FOG."  Uhhh.... up here in iceland, we're not getting much authentic/real fog.  I had to stretch it a little bit.. but hey, vaporized liquid is vaporized liquid, right?


... just a normal picture with some major grainy texture :)

2. Fog.. (HA!)

 This was so hard for me... I ended up taking a hot shower and then bringing my camera in and photographing the window.  It was indeed foggy... even if it wasn't legit fog- ;)

3. Button

This is my interpretation for "Button."  :)  And it makes me smile.

4. Beverage

  ahhhh!  My saving grace :) H2o...

5. Seventies
Did you know that Eric Carles, "The Grouchy Ladybug" was originally published in 1979?   
(also my entry for Simplicity's photo challenge... "VINTAGE") 

and that's all!

I am THREE blog followers away from reaching 100!  Follow me???? :)

PS- I got #7 in The Trendy Treehouse's  "Overlay" theme :)

winna winna chicken dinnnnna!!! ;)  Thanks Trendy Treehouse!!!


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