Sunday, October 16, 2011

SHS (the DISNEY edition!)

All of these prompts were found in and around Disney... talk about a FUN scavenger HUNT!!! :)

1.  Fire
The sky was on fire.  It was definitely comparable to a Maui sunset.  BEAUTIFUL.

2.  Faces in Strange Places

Uhhh this one's a bit artsy...  but its a display window with these freaky masks... and ALSO you can look in the slivers of mirror and see myself (taking the pic) and my sister Emily, holding Stella.
3.  Abstract
Nothing like some oversized tinker tots, right??? :)

4.  Stars
This is the ceiling of a store... not that cool, but I totally forgot about "stars" until I got home to edit... luckily I had this pic and there are itty bitty stars in it ;)

5.  Round

Earl of Sandwhich.  DELISH.


  1. How fun! I really like the stars pic. :)

  2. Oh my! That fiery sky. Lovely set

  3. Fantastic set, all great but I love faces, so interesting, looks great in B&W.