Sunday, January 15, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

I have missed you!  Having a baby, moving across the country and having a few major health issues (within the family) have certainly taken a toll on my participation levels!

I am happy to say I *THINK* I should be able to pick up the camera and participate again :)

Also- this photography page is owned/managed/written- (whatever you want to call it) by the same girl (ME!) who writes "Little {mrs} Sunshine."  For professional reasons, I decided to keep my personal blog private, and do all of my photography challenging, blogging, etc. on this blog.  Anyways, long story short, I lost a lot of "followers" in the privacy switch!  So I'd love it if you were to follow my photog blog!  Pleeease??? :)

1.  Stacked
why, its a stack of sand dollars!  :D  If you look at it from afar, it could also double as a stack of pancakes, I suppose.

2.  Sweet

okay... (duh) for the sweet prompt, I just had to use a picture of my sweet StellaBella June Bug delight! :D  (being held by my sweet husband...her sweet dadda)

3. Frozen
this is kind of stretching it a bit... but I saw this buggar on the beach... he "froze" (for a good few minutes!) while I took his picture.  Actually he was frozen until my daughter started poking him with her shovel...nice.

4.  Hole
We just got a package from a dear friend up in Michigan... she sent us these beautiful wooden owls!!!  I LOVE them!  They're bejeweled and everything!  And they have holes so I can hang them.  I think they're mean for Christmas ornaments... but I'm going to hang them in the window... :D

5. Winter Wonderland
This is a total winter fail.  But I'm looking at sunshine and palm trees out my window right now.  Soooo... I took a picture of this blue glittery box (that was also sent down from Michigan-thanks Angie!-) and overlayed it with a bunch of bokeh... I think it looks wintry, right?  Ehh... that's the best I can do! :)


  1. What a great collection of photos!Loving them all.
    Your little girl is so so pretty!

  2. Great set! I really liked every one of them!

  3. Fun pictures! Love the sand dollars! I thought they were pancakes too!! Cute little crab too!
    Your little girl is darling, perfect for the "sweet" picture! I can't pick a favorite :)

  4. Once again...gorgeous work - really love your first three shots.

  5. LOVE your stacked and frozen! Brought back memories, I'm a FLA girl at heart, freezing up here in PA. Welcome back!