Saturday, January 7, 2012

....and here's where I stamp "dork" on my forehead :)

I have developed this passion for shelling.  Shelling the seashores of Saint Augustine.  Specifically, Crescent Beach. 

I actually went to Barnes and Noble the other night and paid 25 bucks for an "official" guide to shelling.

After I spend hours (literally- today I walked for 2 hours) searching the beach for shells, I come home and do a photo shoot with them.  (dork stamp here)

(**I'd like to confirm that I've found each and every one of these shells, in their natural environment :)

 {my stack of starfish}

 {my sharks eyes}

{my olive shells... a personal fave}

{my sand dollars}

{stack of sand dollars}

So there ya have it.  My shell collection (well minus a ton of your normal, run of the mill shells).  These are my special standouts.  My babbbies  that are kept in a safe place :) 

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