Thursday, January 19, 2012

Free Session?! Maybe, Baby!

I have been wanting to do a "contest" for SO long now.  But with the move, the birth of Stella and a bazillion other things, it just hasn't been a good time.

But I'm hoping we're through the bulk of the stress... and we've gotten through the bulk of the stress with a LOT of help from friends and family.

So... I think its a great time to do a "thank-you" contest.  :) 

I am SOOOOO excited!  Here's how its going to work:

  1. Dig in your archives, or take a new photo of your child (or niece or nephew...) doing something that you're thankful for.  Are you thankful for their smiles?  For their laughter?  For the way they bound across the playground with confidence?  It can really be anything!  Just make sure a child is in it!  ;)  Once you've found that perrrrefect photo, send it to me, at:  In the email title, please include: PHOTO CONTEST.  Along with your picture, please send a "title"- like "Popsicle Smiles!"  Or whatever you want to name your photo for the contest ;)  In regards to the picture itself, there are a few rules:  1.) It cannot be a professionally taken photo.  2.)  the photo must include your child (or the child you're entering for the contest)
  2. I will accept all photo entries sent to me until Friday, January 27th.  Once I collect all the entries, I'll make a blog post, which will be "THE" contest blog post.  "THE" contest blog post will be the one you'll share with your friends on facebook, through email, etc. to get those votes in for your cutie.
  3. Here's the thing.  I live in Florida (duh).  BUT I will be up in Michigan for an entire week in June.  SO MICHIGAN residents, before you send in a photo, PLEASE BE SURE (in case you win ;) that you will be available for a photo session the week of June 17th.  If you are a Florida/St. Augustine/Jax. resident, the winner can book their session anytime BUT the week of June 17th ;) 
  4. Okay... so now that the deets are out of the way, what will you get if your photo gets the most votes, and indeed your babe places first??? 

-one, hour long session in the location of your choice
-an online gallery for friends and family to view your photo session
-a $25.00 print credit
(newborn, maternity,engagement sessions are NOT included in this contest.)

Doesn't this sound like a blast??

If you'd like to be part of the fun, send your photo in... NOW! :D

And last but not least, please, please, SHARE this link on your facebook wall!!! :D  Just click HERE, then copy and paste the link to your wall!


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