Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fave Photo of 2011?!?!

What a daunting task to pick a fave photo from an entire year of pictures and memories! ;)  Especially for a gal that takes (on average) about 50-100 pictures a day... caaaaa-raaaazy!

But I narrowed it down to a picture, focusing on Stella.  Stella was the most incredible part of 2011.. therefore, it was only natural to pick a picture of her.

Soooooo... I came up with this one:
And because I'm feeling reminiscent, I'll give some background on the photo:

Stella was fresh out of the oven at this point- maybe 6-7 hours old.  We had had our slew of visitors, and all the excitement of her first bath, feeding, etc.  Ryan and I were left alone with our sweet miracle.  Ryan was holding her, and my camera happened to be within arms reach.  Even though the lights were soooo dim in the room and I had to crank up the ISO (which ultimately made this photo more noisy than I care for), I caught a few precious, sleeping moments of miss Estella June.  It's certainly not the most creative shot I've ever taken, or challenge, etc.  But to me, its pure beauty. 

I love you my StellaBella June bug!  You are the best thing of 2011!!!!  :D

The Paper Mama

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