Tuesday, August 7, 2012

St. Auggie Photo Contest

So.... way back when, I entered a contest up in Jackson- first place was some kind of monetary prize.  I didn't win it.  And honestly, it wasn't what I was after. 

I wanted my piece to be hung and displayed.  As any passionate artist knows, having your piece looked at, oooh'd and ahhhh'd over is worth so much more than money.

I did happen to place and my piece was chosen to hang in the Jackson County Health Department.  Go check it out sometime! ;)

Since moving back home (st. Augustine) I've been crazy busy with a billion different things.  Photography needs to start making a come back in my life down here.  I thought, what a better way than a St. Augustine contest?

So.... here's the pic:

This was taken shortly after we moved back (last June).  The sun was settting- it was that magical twilight hour that turns everything an orange sorbet color.  Maeve was skipping up and down the hill by the fort- the same hill I had spent countless hours rolling and running on at her age.  Full circle comes to mind when I see this photo.

Thank you beautiful St. Augustine for these moments and memories.

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