Sunday, November 6, 2011

SHS (11/6/11)

1.  Purple
This is some kind of a berry bush in my grandmas backyard.  I was playing around with DOF, and got some giant blobs of purple... I thought it would be a good entry for SHS ;)

2.  Shape
This is also from my grandmas backyard... I was planning on using a picture of a toy for this prompt, but thought the stone pathway looked interesting.  Anyways... circles...shapes. :)

3.  Food
A suuuuper good (eaten) strawberry.

4.  In Disguise
My sister and Henry... (a "dork" and a train engineer)

5.  Photog's Choice
I just took this tonight- it cracks me up.  Stells is the sweetest baby on the planet but she looks fierce in this photo!!!

For more photos check out the amazing ASHLEY SISKS blog! :)


  1. WOW!!! Your photos are amazing...can't wait to see more...

  2. Love the DOF in the purple photo, and the rest of them are just gorgeous!

  3. Great Pictures! The strawberry picture is my favorite.

  4. Gorgeous set - I love your first and last shot.